Home Renovations That Return the Maximum Value

Recently I read a blog post from Mr. David from a Home Services Company shared with us that you want to get returns for the money you invest in your home renovation project. That’s why you found this article during your online research. This article highlights home remodels to consider if you want to spend money wisely on your next project. 

Kitchen Remodel

Any realtor knows that the kitchen is the real selling point. That is why some homeowners spend top dollar, carving the best marble, getting top-tier appliances, and the latest designs to make their home return the maximum value when it comes to the sale.

Two-story Addition

These days buyers are pickier than ever and are interested in a two-story, not just a cramped home. Adding a two-story will increase the square footage of the house and therefore increase the value. While this will cost you a buck, people will be lining up to place their offers on your beautiful home once you decide to sell it.

Bathroom Addition

Can you ever have too many bathrooms? Probably not. Adding a bathroom when none existed before can be what the next buyer is looking for in your home.


Homebuyers are looking for a luxurious space to entertain and lounge with their guests. Adding an outdoor area will increase the value of your home enough to cover the cost of the renovation.

Expert’s Advice

Be smart about what you spend. If you think a home renovation will pay for itself, prepare something to tip the balance against you. Home renovations are full of hidden expenses, the extra costs when a project takes longer than planned, the monthly interest payments for a home equity loan. Not to mention the property taxes you may have to pay after a home re-evaluation.…